" Force - in justice. Omar Khayyam. 950 years from the date of birth".

Omar Khayyam(1049-1123) Gias ad-din Fatkh ibn Ibragim Omar Khayyam Nishapuri was born in Nishapur, learnt in this city. And then in the largest centres of a science of that time, including in Balkh and Samarkand, where has written the treatise " About the proofs of problems of algebra and almukabala ". On a rich historical material the researchers have proved merits Omar Khayyam as one of the scientist, which has made a number of major discoveries in astronomy, mathematicians and physics. From 1074 Khayyam headed largest astronomical observatory. In middle 90's г.г. XI of a century has made piligrimage to Mecca. The last years of life Khayyam has spent in Nishapur. He poorly communicated with the people and in these years his frends was only the books. The work of Khayyam is the surprising phenomenon in a history of culture of the peoples of Middle Asia and Iran. Khayyam passionately wished the rebuilding of the world and did for this purpose all he can: discovered the laws of a nature, entered into secrets of world creation.This one more proof that in middle centuries, during inquisition, the spiritual development of the human society not stopped and could not stop. Literary heritage of Omar Khayyam may been found in an exhibition " Force - in justice. Omar Khayyam. 950 years from the date of birth ", open in Russian national library in March 1999. In it the books, magazines are widely submitted. Albums from all funds of library. The exhibition consists of six sections:
1. A history of Perisa, its culture and literature.
2. The editions of Rubayyad of Omar Khayyam (edition of Russian and foreign fund).
3. The literature about works of Omar Khayyam.
4. Omar Khayyam and him Rubayyad in the works of modern poets.
5. Omar Khayyam in music.
6. Omar Khayyam on stages of theatres of the world.
Among the most interesting materials it would be necessary to allocate 2 editions of Rubayyad of Omar Khayyam, stored in A Department of rare books of NLR:

- Rendered into English Verse by Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyad. - London, s.a., Department of rare books NLR E. Fitzgerald.With ill. E. Dulac.-London, s.a.
- Omar Khayyam. Rubaiyat.-London, s.a.

Both books are marked by perfectly design, colourful illustrations and interesting set of the text. The numerous editions of Rubaiyat are stored as in Russian as in foreign fund of library. Practically all editions, which has NLR, are in an exposition. The first works on translations of poetry of Omar Khayyam have begun to occur in Russia in end of XIX century - earliest publication dated by 1891 year, when " the Bulletin of Europe " (book 5, v. III) has printed 16 poems in translation by V. Velichko. A 1894 year in N 7 " Northern bulletin " has offered to the readers two Rubaiyad in translation by P. Porphirova. From a beginning of XX century the name of Omar Khayyam has become frequently to met on the pages of Russian editions. A small selection of verses were published in magazines "The Qauqasian bulletin " (1901, N 4) and "Family" (1901, N 22) in translations by S. Umanz and T. Lebedinsky. These first Slide from a book Omar Khayyam Rubaiyad (Department of rare book NLR) publications can be seen on an exhibition.

To the category of literary funny things it is possible to relate the book " Stanzas Niruzam", submitted among the editions Rubaiyad. In 1901 it was published by K. Gerra (under this pseudonym has worked poet and musical critic K. Mazurin). By the words K. Gerra, reader of the Russian publication can read the old east manuscript of verses by someone Niruzam Ц one poet from Horasan of X century . The contemporaries have shown a big interest to verses of the east poet - collection included 168 poems, which the publisher has named as stanzas. However soon of criticism have regarded this publication as a skilful fake, by solving that a name Niruzam is a reverse of a surname of the publisher - Mazurin; the book has strongly come in a history of Russian literary mystifications. Have for the first time solved a riddle of this edition late many decades by Z. Vorozheikina and A. Shakhverdov, identifying "stanzas Niruzama" as 110th Rubaiyad of Omar Khayyam and proving, that the basis of the publications of K. Slide from the book Rendered into english Verse by E. Fitzgerald with ill E. Dulac. - London, s.a. (Department of rare books NLR)Rendered into English .Verse by E. Fitzgerald. With ill. E. Dulac. - London, s.a (Department of rare books NLR) Gerra was really made from one of the manuscripts of Omar Khayyam.

Especially it would be necessary to note the books, leaving under edition by E. Fitzgerald - one of the first translator of Omar Khayyam into English language. Due to activity of this person the english world could acquaint with the works of the Poet of East.

Many Rubaiyads of Khayyam were made music by such composers as Harrison, Dremlug, K. Penderetsky and other. These musical collections, stored in the note' department of library, have occupied the large place on an exhibition. The rich illustrative material is submitted in show-windows. On an exhibition it is possible to see lithography to Rubaiyads, carried out by the artist M. Taranov, and also the engravings on a tree, created by the artist A.I. Kalashnikov (1972).

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